Trinic Tec 10

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Tec 10

This Trinic GFRC recipe is an improvement on our best-selling Trinic GFRC Admixture, providing a curing polymer that nearly eliminates the negatives that come with liquid polymers.

Trinic LLC TEC 10 reduces shrinkage, and prevents curling, pinholes, cracks, and crazing. This makes creating GFRC easier than ever before.

Use TEC 10 for spray-up applications (see the Paradigm Concrete Sprayer) and for face and backer coat, as well as SCC/ ECC / Direct cast by adding Trinic Plasticizer.

Example with dry sand:

  • 30 pounds sand, 30 pound cement how much water gives you a .3 w/c ratio?
  • 30 pounds cement * .3 = 9 lbs water.
  • 30 pounds sand with an absorption factor of 1.5 = .45 lbs. of additional water to satisfy the sand’s absorption.
  • Adjusted water to achieve a .3 w/c ratio = 9.45 lbs.

Often purchased with Trinic Plasticizer.

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