Trinic Stamp Shield

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This product is considered a Hazardous Material and requires special shipping.
    • Protect your investment with Trinic Stamp Shield. This product is uniquely designed for use on stamped concrete pavers, and other natural stone. It adds a layer of protection to the surface, but it also penetrates and bonds chemically with natural/organic materials as well as concrete/cement.

      • Permanent part of the surface.
      • No chipping or peeling.
      • Resistant to all common staining agents.
      • Easy to apply.
      • Enhances stone and concrete colors.
      • Thin build, high-performance.
    • Surface must be clean, free of dust, dirt, mildew, oil, grease, paint, sealers, curing agents, waxes, and surface contamination. An extremely dense surface is required for proper performance.

    • Professional use only product. Trinic STAMPSHIELD can be brushed or rolled but for best results and to avoid over application it is recommended to be sprayed on using a high quality pump up sprayer with Viton seals and a fine to medium tip. Application rates vary from 400 sq ft. / gallon on re-seals and power troweled concrete to 150 sq ft. / gallon on porous concrete.

      It is important to not over apply STAMPSHIELD so that it remains breathable; the best way to ensure correct application is to apply two thin coats. First coat should color enhance most of the surface but leave no shine. The second coat will even out the surface to a uniform color enhanced look with no to a very slight sheen.

      • Color enhanced surface without thick plastic looking build.
      • Remains breathable will not white out from trapped moisture.
      • UV stable will not turn yellow.
      • Will not chip or peel.
      • Can be used for rejuvenating existing solvent based sealers.
      • Can be applied to a damp surface (no standing water).
      • Application temps between 35F—95F.

      Active Times:

      • Water proof in 10 minutes.
      • Walkable in 20-30 minutes.
      • Traffic in 2 hours.
      • Appearance (cured) – Clear sheen.
      • Water Resistance – Excellent, beads water.
      • Mechanical Stability – Excellent.
      • Light Stability – Excellent UV exposure shows no degradation.
      • Diluent – Acetone and other exempt solvents.
      • Storage Stability – 2 yrs.
      • Appearance (wet) – Clear slightly opaque.
      • Odor – Acetone.
      • Application Temperature – 35F–95F (surface temperature).
      • Blush – 4 hr. dry / 24 hr. immersion does not blush.
      • Adhesion – D-33598 Excellent.
      • Water Beading – Beads water.
      • QUV G-53 250 hrs. – No blistering, no yellowing.
      • Abrasion Resistance – D-460 20 mg loss.

      Chemical Resistance (12 hour covered) D-1308-87:

      • Transmission Fluid – No Effect.
      • Gasoline: Softens – Recovers.
      • Formula 409 – No Effect.
      • Motor Oil – No Effect.
      • Brake Fluid – Softens, recovers.
      • 10% Hydrochloric Acid – No Effect.
      • 10% Sulfuric Acid – No Effect.
      • Red Wine – No Effect.
      • Vinegar – Blemish/repairable.
      • Pencil Hardness – D-3363 6H.
      • Hot Tire Pick-up – Passed.
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