Trinic Integral Color - Green 334

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Green 334 (Previously known as Green) - 1 lb.

Colors will vary depending on the percent of color, the kind of cement and the sealer used.

  • Green: .5% - 2.5% - 7%

  • Green: .5%

  • Green: 2.5%

  • Green: 7%

  • NCS Website Color Selection Tool:
  • iPhone App
  • Android App
  • Online Color Selection/Cross-Reference Tool
  • The link above will assist you in finding a specific color online. First, make a color selection on the color picker on the right, as you make a color selection the box on the left will change HEX number to the corresponding color that has been chosen. Hit GO. All values will change to the color that was chosen. On the right under On This Page click on Natural Color System (NCS). This will scroll the page down and display the color values in NCS, which offers several color options.
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