Trinic Hydration Stabilizer - 5 & 25 Lbs.

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Product Code: ADM39194_1-GAL

Advanced ready to use powdered initial set retarder. Makes more uniform and predictable high/ultra-high performance glass fiber reinforced concrete, engineered cementitious composite concrete, and wet cast concrete.

Trinic Hydration Stabilizer admixture retards setting time by controlling the initial hydration of Portland cement and other cementitious materials. The window of plasticity is extended in a predictable manner. The mix will retain slump and workability while minimizing temperature rise. Minimizes the need to use ice in high performance and ultra-high performance concrete mixtures.

Packaged as 5 lbs. buckets

Dosage should be based on fresh mix temperature and ambient temperatures. Trinic Hydration Stabilizer can be added at the start of the batching cycle or to freshly mixed concrete. Simply mix the batch, take the temperature and decide on the dosage. We recommend mix starting temperatures below 70° for high cement content mixes if possible. Additional dosages can be added as needed to stabilize the mix.

  • Mix < 60°, ambient < 70° No Trinic Hydration Stabilizer recommended
  • Mix < 60°, ambient 70° to 80° No Trinic Hydration Stabilizer recommended unless the batch temperature climbs above 70°: 0.1% dosage will add 20 to 30 minutes to your working time and stabilize the temperature rise
  • Mix 70° to 80°, ambient 80° to 90° 0.2% Trinic Hydration Stabilizer will add 15 to 20 minutes to your working time, 0.4% Trinic Hydration Stabilizer will add 30 to 40 minutes to your working time

Do not breathe dust. Use adequate ventilation and dust collection. Keep airborne dust concentrations below per-missible exposure limit ("PEL"). Do not rely on your sight to determine if dust is in the air. Respirable crystalline silica dust may be in the air without a visible dust cloud. If crystalline silica dust cannot be kept below permissible limits, wear a respirator approved for silica dust when using, handling, storing or disposing of this product or bag. Practice good housekeeping. Wash or vacuum clothing that has become dusty.

  • Limitations Exceeding the recommended dosages can lead to excessive set times as well as decreasing ultimate strengths
  • Disposal Dispose of according to Federal, State and Local Regulations
  • Shelf life - 1 Year
  • Storage - Keep in sealed container away from moisture
Warranty of this product, when used according to the directions, is limited to refund of purchase price, or replace-ment of product (if defective), at manufactures/seller’s option. Trinic Products shall not be liable for cost of labor or direct and/or incidental consequential damages
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