Silica Systems Inc. GFRC-ULTRA, Cement & Sand (50/50)

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GFRC ULTRA 50/50 Bagged Mix

When it comes to finding the best concrete countertop materials, this concrete countertop mix fits the bill for everything from furniture to flooring. This versatile mix will save you time on the job, while helping you produce predictable and successful results, every time.

As a Concrete Artist or Manufacturer you deserve to know what is in your mix! Silica Systems, Inc. brings you the first Not So Secret Bagged Mix. We tell you what is in each bag, and more importantly… what is NOT in each bag! Traditional GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) bagged mixes are loaded with fillers you are paying a premium for that are just wasted space in your mix.

Consider the REAL cost and quality of a multi-component mix:

  • Multi-component Purchasing.
  • Multi-component Shipping.
  • Multi-component Receiving.
  • Multi-component Quality Control.
  • Multi-component Warehousing.
  • Multi-component Expired / Spoiled Material.
  • Multi-component Formulating.
  • Multi-component Compatibility.
  • Multi-component Dispensing.
  • Multi-component Packaging Disposal.
  • Multi-component Weighing.
  • Multi-component Order of addition to mixer.
  • Multi-component Dust Control into Mixer.
  • Multi-component Unsafe Weight per Bag.

 GFRC-ULTRA, Cement & Sand (50/50)
What’s in the 50 lb. bag?
Federal White Cement @ 50% 22.11 lbs.
White Silica Fume @ 10% Replacement of Cement 2.46 lbs.
Trinic Tec10 @ 3% 0.86 lbs.
Q Rok @ 50% 24.57 lbs.
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