PolyFoam R-8 Casting Foam

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R-8 Polytek PolyFoam Casting Foam

A two-part, rigid polyurethane casting foam, this self-skinning foam agent has a free-rise density of 8 lb/ft³, but should be cast at a density of 8 to 20 lb/ft³ to achieve good surface detail and mold fill. Most often, industrial PolyFoam products should be cast in TinSil® or PlatSil® silicone molds. Apply desired barrier coats (fast-drying primer paint) to silicone molds before casting foam in order to produce pre-primed parts right out of the mold. These commercial molding foams can also be poured into Poly 74 & 75-Series polyurethane rubber molds that have been coated with PolyCoat Sealer and Release Agent.

This 16-lb kit includes:

  • 8 lb of PolyFoam R-5 Part A (~1 gallon)
  • 8 lb of PolyFoam R-5 Part B (~1 gallon)
  • Can be applied to silicone molds.
  • Produce pre-primed parts.
  • Can be used with Poly 74 & 75-Series molds that are coated with PolyCoat Sealer & Release Agent.
Mix Ratio Mix Viscosity Cream Time Rise Time
1A:1B by weight or volume 1100 cP 45 sec 2 min
Tack-Free Time Demold Time Free-Rise Density Molded Density
3 min 10-15 min 8 lb/ft³ 8-20 lb/ft³

Product Literature: PolyFoam Series Technical Bulletin

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