Poly 15 Series Part X Accelerator

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Looking for an even faster way to get your liquid plastic casting project finished? Poly-15 Series Part X Accelerator offers a low-cost way to save time. Only a few drops to a one-pound mix significantly accelerates pour times and demold times, putting your finished product a step ahead of the rest. Mix this product with any of our Poly-15 Series and EasyFlow Series products. For both heavy duty industrial and small-scale projects, Part X Accelerator gives your resin project a professional stone-like look in a fraction of the time.

Different castings have different requirements, so we recommend that you experiment to find out how much Part X is needed for your particular application. So that the final physical properties are not affected, do not use more than 1% of the total mixed weight. Please be aware that exotherm (shrinkage) is increased when accelerator is added. For specific mixing detail, Silica Systems, Inc. offers additional information.

    • Poly 15 Part X Accelerator accelerates the pour times and demold times of Poly 15-Series & EasyFlo Series products. A few drops added to a one-pound mix speeds the cure significantly.

      • Works with Poly 15-Series & EasyFlo Series products
      • Quick Pour Times.
      • Expedites demold times.
      • Experiment to determine how much Part X is needed for your application.
      • Do not exceed 1% of the total mixed weight as final physical properties may be affected.
      • When accelerator is added, exotherm (the heat of the reaction) and thus shrinkage on cooling is also increased.
      • Add Part X to Part B prior to mixing with Part A. For additional information, read the Technical Bulletin associated with your product.
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