Poly 15-3 Polyurethane Liquid Plastic

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    • Poly 15-3 Liquid Plastic is a two-part, liquid polyurethane resin that cures (RTV) to a tan, Shore D80 plastic that has the feel of dense stone. This is a mineral-filled system with a simple 1A:1B mix ratio by weight. The filler makes Poly 15-3 a very economical, low-cost resin and also reduces exotherm so shrinkage is minimal; Poly 15-3 and Poly 15-3X (the faster-setting version of Poly 15-3) exhibit the least shrinkage on cure compared to other Polytek® polyurethane plastics. Poly 15-3 is a pourable plastic, but it can be easily thickened with PolyFiber II Thickener for brush-on application.

    Get an attractive stone look with your plastic castings for a low cost by using Poly 15-3 Polyurethane Liquid Plastic. This economical mineral-filled system is easy to pour and produces quick results. With only a 15 minute working time and 3-12 hour demold time (depending on the thickness of the casting) you can enjoy professional-quality castings for projects like cold cast bronze parts. This resin cures to a tan color that simulates dense stone. Though color may differ slightly from batch to batch, the superior quality stays the same. Our heavy duty grade Poly 15-3 liquid plastic comes in a two-part set that is easy to mix at a 1A:1B ratio. This includes a 10-pound Part A and 10-pound Part B.

    Though it is designed to be pourable, you can also thicken it with PolyFiber II to achieve a brush-on consistency for precision applications. This liquid plastic is preferred by industry professionals because it reduces exotherm, keeping shrinkage to a minimal. This is lower than any other Polytek polyurethane plastics.


      This 20-lb kit includes:

      • 10 lb of Poly 15-3 Part A (~1 gallon)
      • 10 lb of Poly 15-3 Part B (~1 gallon)
      • Cures Room-Temperature-Vulcanization silicone to a tan.
      • Thick Feel.
      • Mineral-filled.
      • Low-cost resin.
      • Minimal Shrinkage.
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