Owens Corning 54/76 Roving Glass Fiber

Cem-FIL ® 54/76 is an Alkali Resistant glass fiber assembled roving designed for use in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) composites by the simultaneous spray method.


Cem-FIL ® 54/76 is a spray roving with easy processing and incorporation, enabling the production of GFRC elements with excellent finish and reproduction of detail. Cem-FIL ® 54/76 provides very good mechanical performance and excellent durability to GFRC composites. Cem-FIL ® 54/76 is suitable for the fabrication of GFRC in high humidity conditions. Cem-FIL ® 54/76 has been tested and approved for use with the commonly used spray equipment.

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