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About CSA Cement

CSA Cement, also named Calcium Sulpho Aluminate Cement is a hydraulic binder based on calcium sulpho aluminate, rather than calcium silicates which are the basis of Portland cement.

When used in conjunction with Portland cement and Trinic’s Admixtures very high strength with fast turnarounds are possible for manufacturing GFRC creations.

CSA Cement has the benefit of being readily adaptable to suit many different applications where both rapid set and/or high early strength gain are required.

  • Rapid Set.
  • Adjustable Setting Time.
  • High Early Strength.
  • Increased strength in time.
  • Minimal Shrinkage.
  • Shrinkage compensation.
  • Sulphate Resistance.
  • Reduced Alkalinity.
  • Low CO2Emissions.
  • Rheology Adapted to the Application.

CSA Cement may be used in combination with other mineral products, for example Portland cement, calcium sulphates and fillers, or with organics such as polymers in latex foam or in redispersible foam.

Depending on the type of mixes and technology employed, CSA Cement can be used to obtain and control various properties.

The behavior of Portland cement is very variable. In general, acceleration of set increases progressively with the addition of HCSA Binder. The amount of HCSA Binder needed to obtain a specific setting time varies considerably depending on the origin of the Portland cement and performance can be modified with the use of additives.

The strength development of CSA Cement/Portland cement and/or Calcium Sulphates depends on the nature of the Portland cement and/or Calcium Sulphates used. In general these mixes will develop mechanical strength at a very early stage (several hours). With some type of Portland cements and in formulated products containing additives which control the setting and hydration, the long term properties is similar to those of the original Portland cement, however it is necessary to check the behavior of each Portland cement used.

The characteristics of Portland cement to be considered are:

  • C3A content.
  • Mineral admixture type and content.
  • Type of Calcium Sulphate used.

Additives will also influence the properties of these mixes:

  • Setting time.
  • Rheology.
  • Mechanical performance.
Suggested Mix Designs
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