NEGA 19mm Chopped Fiber

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These are high integrity strands that are designed to resist breaking down during mixing and processing so that it stays basically as a bundle of filaments. These products are particularly suitable for Premix and other mortar and concrete reinforcement applications.

  • As the major supplier of alkali resistant (AR) glass fiber in North America, NEGA offers the AR glassfiber with the highest zirconia content available.
  • Why is zirconia content important? Zirconia is what makes the glass fiber alkali resistant. The higher the zirconia content the better the resistance to alkali attack. AR glassfiber also has excellent acid resistance.
  • All NEG alkali resistant glass fiber products are manufactured in compliance with ASTM C1666/C 1666M, EN 15422 and under recommendations of PCI and GRCA.
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