Car-VZ Vertical Carving Additive

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NOTICE: The distributor has discontinued previously used sizing variants of this product. As of October 2020 the size available is 36 pound bags.




CAR-VZ is a pre-blended powdered admixture that increases the performance of vertical carving applications.


  • Excellent adhesion for vertical and overhead applications
  • Optimum carving properties
  • Includes a specialty fiber to reduce cracking, invisible to the naked eye, and will not affect the

carving experience

  • Simple one dose powdered admixture
  • Enhanced freeze/thaw protection
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Boosts compression and flexural strengths


Car-VZ is designed to provide excellent performance at 12% of the cement weight. Optimum performance when dosed at 17% of cement weight.

When making your mix from scratch we suggest the following example as a good starting point:

94 # of type I Portland cement

12# of Car-VZ

3 (5-gallon) pails of coarse sand (1/8” minus)

Water is added slowly during mixing to meet your desired consistency.

Make some trials and adjust as preferred.

When adding Car-VZ to a pre-blended mortar mix figure that the blend is roughly 33% cement.

For Example:

1-80 Lb. bag of mortar mix will contain about 26.5  lb. of cement. 26.5  lb X 0.12 lb = 3 lb of Car-VZ.

Water is added slowly during mixing to meet your desired consistency.

To further customize/ personalize your desired mix you can add additional fiber/ clay or any material of your choice.

Contact us with any questions.

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