Syringe - 60 mL

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The Monoject SoftPack Non-Sterile Syringe features a 60 cc/ml, Non-Sterile, bulk packaged syringe with Catheter tip. The Monoject Syringe is made of polypropylene, the barrel has bold graduated markings and the plunger rod has a latex-free plunger tip that is silicone lubricated resulting in precise and effortless movement. Self sealing and latex free plunger tip is smooth and precise, effortlessly move the plunger however it needs to be done. Permanent heat-etched graduations allow for precise fluid measurements, the graduations cannot be erased or altered in any way.

  • Clear, non-glare barrel construction and bolder heat-etched scale allow for precise medication measurement and easier visualization of flashback. Graduations can not be erased or altered.
  • Hub is translucent and color coded to allow monitoring of flashback and provides easy identification of needle gauge.
  • Multiple syringe tip designs allows for correct syringe selection based on procedural requirements.
  • No PVC or DEHP. Barrel and plunger are made from polypropylene.
  • Latex Free. The plunger tip is made from latex free synthetic rubber. Silicone lubricant makes the tip self-sealing, provides precise movement and is virtually effortless.
  • Cannula is laser-welded and is epoxy bonded to the hub which assures cannula integrity and greater compatibility with chemotherapeutic drugs and other specialized drugs.
  • 60 cc/ml MONOJECT Syringe.
  • Polypropylene barrel with bold graduated markings.
  • Catheter tip.
  • WITHOUT Needle.
  • Polypropylene flat top plunger rod.
  • Latex-free plunger tip.
  • Low dead space.
  • Non-Sterile.
  • Can be autoclaved or gas sterilized.
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