Owens Corning 3/4" AR Chop Strand Glass Fiber

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Owens Corning Glass Fiber for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Applications

Owens Corning (AR) Alkali Resistant Glass Fibers will improve the structural integrity of your GFRC mixes, with a strand diameter of 18 microns and 17% of Zirconia content. 3/4" fiberglass fibers size is the most common for Concrete and GFRC fiber reinforcement. These fibers will provide the integral strength and reinforce your GFRC needs, saving you weight and money.

Manufactured by Owens Corning Glass Fiber - 3/4" Bundled fiber for GFRC backcoats. OC offers the AR glass fiber with the highest zirconia content available. All OC alkali resistant glass fiber products are manufactured in compliance with ASTM C1666/C 1666M, EN 15422 and under recommendations of PCI and GRCA.

  • Type of Glass: Alkali Resistant, high Zirconia Content.
  • 17% zirconia content (Zirconia makes the glass fiber alkali resistant). The higher the zirconia content the better the resistance to alkali attack.
  • Fiber filament diameter is 18 microns.
  • Filaments per Strand 200. With 200 filaments in each 18 micron strand, fibers have an outstanding resistance to breaking during the mixing process.
  • A smaller fiber diameter has its advantages allowing for more individual fibers in each pound and concrete with three times the tensile strength of steel reinforced concrete. 
  • Moisture Content < 0.5%.
  • Alkali Resistant glass fibers are mixed into Pre-Cast concrete and GFRC mixes to greatly increase its flexible strength.
  • Alkali Resistant Fibers have a higher specific gravity, giving it a big advantage over other types of fibers. AR fiber will have the same gravity as the aggregate, making the fibers stay away from the surface of the concrete.
For dosage recommendations, contact John StadickP: 612.802.4060
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