Wet Cast Concrete Tehniques

Casting Fast Set GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) w/ Troweled Facecoat

Learn how easy it is to create a durable, high-performance large format GFRC tile using Trinic Admix (see Trinic Tec 10). It can take as little as 15 minutes to cast a flawless, unblemished fast set GFRC tile that has a troweled facecoat. From the first stages of mixing your materials to hitting the finished tile lightly with 400 grit this video will show you all you need to know. You may choose to use Trinic 11K Fast Set Premix with Extra Plasticizer or to create your own mix using the amount show. The advantage of this method is that your fiber will not show through on either dark or light pieces, giving you a nice uniform color with no bubbles or blemishes.

Watch as the Trinic professional shows that this heavy-duty finished tile is so durable that you can beat it with a hammer! Large format GFRC tiles can be used for anything from shower walls, to floor tiles, to countertops.

GFRC Casting a Large Concrete Island the Easy Way with Trinic, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Find out how to cast a large concrete island the easy way with this informative training video.

The form is epoxy coated plywood. Facecoat mix is Trinic ECC/SCC premix, or you can create your own mix using the recipe outlined in the lesson.

Cast an entire kitchen island out of GFRC, speeding up processing time with Trinic’s accelerator products, armed with these cutting edge techniques - including step-by-step mixing instructions.

Check out the video, or give us a call for recommendations for your next project.

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