Stamp Shield GFRC Concrete Sealer

Sealing a Decorative Concrete Wall

Organic, hand-done concrete walls add the look of natural stone to any outdoor environment without having to actually source real stone materials. This is often referred to as a stamped concrete wall.

Trinic’s expert, Mark Celebuski is able to recognize the weathering of a concrete wall and the staining, including the length of time the wall has existed without sealing, and is even able to estimate the pH level due to the rain damage.

Trinic stamp shield is used to seal the wall. Shop our site to buy Trinic Stamp Shield online or contact us with any questions you may have.

Rolling Trinic Stamp Shield

Note: This video is not edited for length to display real-time results.

This 8-minute training video shows one of our professionals hand rolling Trinic Stamp Shield onto a GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) slab. Give the surface of the GFRC all of the sealer it wants, then ring out the roller to remove excess sealer.

Want more tips? Watch the video to see how the tradesmen at Hyde Concrete make it happen!

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