Paradigm Concrete Sprayer

Paradigm GFRC Pump - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Silica Systems Inc. presents the Paradigm GFRC Spray Up System.

A concrete sprayer that features:
  • An all stainless steel TIG welded frame
  • Fully sealed drive motor
  • Full operator control on the gun
  • No need to switch guns between face coat and backcoat
  • Electrically driven chopper gun with automatic tensioner (patent pending)
  • Electric chopper gun saves 30 CFM vs. air chopper gun
  • Max output is 50 lbs. min.
  • System only requires 20 CFM

Watch the training video for more information or contact us with questions.

Trinic GFRC Pump

We like to team up with industry leader, Trinic LLC, to bring you powerful tools and valuable training materials that better your business and help you produce successful, predictable results.

This commercial-grade GFRC pump has a removable spray head that allows you to reach tight spaces. The video shows the pump working at 30% of its power. Also featured, the GFRC chopper gun expedites projects and makes manufacturing easier than ever before.

Watch and learn, or contact us for additional information.

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) spraying a vertical backcoat

Mark from Trinic demonstrates how to spray a GFRC vertical backcoat.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete can be fixed, when still wet, if any damage occurs to the facecoat. For low-humidity environments, mist it while it’s curing for best results. Concrete bonding adhesive can be applied to facecoat.

Trinic’s GFRC admix of 3% is used to for the spray up backcoat. Level out the backcoat easily using the products we recommend.

Check out the video or Contact Us for additional information.

GFRC Spraying Vertical Plus Form Tips

Learn some helpful tips of the trade as you watch GFRC specialists spray a sample form using 2% admix and Quikrete fine sand.

In this video we test to see if a successful face coat can be sprayed using 2% Admix. Double-face carpet tape is used to secure the forms in place, allowing reuse of a forming surface time and time again.

As you spray vertically, do the corners first. Next, brush it out from the bottom up. Make sure to bring the face coat up and around the corners of the form or else it will be too thin.

A successful spray with no running!

Sprayup vs. Premix vs. Self Consolidating GFRC

See the benefits of using Trinic’s GFRC (see Trinic Tec 10) all powder, high-performance admixtures and supplies. This video will show you the difference in the original and modified designs when spraying a face coat using Trinic GFRC Mix. The pre-mix back coat can then be hand placed, sprayed, or self consolidated.

Mark Celebuski and the team show examples of applying GFRC by hand and spray up with fiber on a continuous spool. Watch them perform a washout test and rolling between layers to compact the fiber.

Contact us with any questions or help finding the right supplies for your project.


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