SCC Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Can you mix self-consolidating GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) in a vertical shaft mixer? The answer is, “Yes” if you use Trinic’s Admixtures and follow this instructional video.

Load the dry ingredients, starting with the sand, then add the cement, silica fume, color, and Trinic Admixtures. Add about 80% of the water. Replace as much batch water with ice, as needed, to keep the mix below 60 degrees F. The powerful agents in the admixture will cause the mix particles to separate without lumps.

  • After about 5 minutes of mixing it will be roughly combined.
  • After about 8 minutes of mixing the mixture will look smoother.
  • After about 10 minutes of mixing the mixture will be completely combined and ultra smooth.

After the mix is thoroughly homogenized, check the slump, the add additional water and fiber, as needed.

Total mixing time takes about 15 minutes. Check out the video for full details!


We’ve been studying Trinic’s admixtures with calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement.

Today’s video covers a range of strength and practicality tests over a 2-month time period. Mark Celebuski from Trinic, LLC hosts this 50-minute film that goes in-depth studying their own brand's ultra-high performance GFRC. 

This video also covers production, covering how to fast track projects, shower walls and tile, different fiber and loading, and mix designs.

Watch this detailed and focused online GFRC training video for more details and methods for successful results.

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