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  • AR Glass Fiber Scrim

    NEGA AR (Alkali Resistant) Glass Fiber Scrim Scrim is 36" wide and available in 1 sq. ft. increments. All NEG alkali resistant glass fiber products are manufactured in compliance with...
  • Owens Corning 1/2" AR Chop Strand Glass Fiber

    Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber Owens Corning Alkali Resistant Glass fibers will improve the structural integrity of your GFRC mixes with the thin 1/2 in fibers (13 mm). Glass fibers in concrete strengthen with...
    From $75.00
  • Owens Corning 3/4" AR Chop Strand Glass Fiber

    Owens Corning Glass Fiber for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Applications Owens Corning (AR) Alkali Resistant Glass Fibers will improve the structural integrity of your GFRC mixes, with a strand diameter...
    From $50.00
  • Owens Corning 54/76 Roving Glass Fiber

    Alkali Resistant Glass Fibers Cem-FIL ® 54/76 is an Alkali Resistant glass fiber assembled roving designed for use in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) composites by the...
  • Owens Corning HD Anti-Crack Fiber Additive

    AR Glass Chopped Strand that Outperforms Effective even at very low amounts, this Owens Corning Anti-Crack HD (High Dispersion) fibers are used to create GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) countertops,...
  • Trinic CS Densifier

    Trinic CS Densifier Trinic CS Densifier modifies cement hydration at the nano-scale level penetrating deep into the concrete. Must ship “Next Day” during freezing weather.  (We will ship the least expensive way...
    From $32.00
  • Trinic GFRC Admix - 5, 25 & 300 Lbs.

    Multi component powdered admixture for the production of ultra high performance GFRC, RPC, and ECC Concrete Trinic GFRC Admix takes the hassle out of making ultra high performance Glass Fiber...
    From $52.00
  • Trinic H-12 Sealer A-Side Replacement

    We now offer the Trinic H-12 Sealer A-Side Replacement! Having to buy an entire set of sealers or mixes when you accidentally misplace one of the components is a pain. That’s...
    From $65.00
  • Trinic H-12 Sealer B-Side Replacement

    We now offer the Trinic H-12 Sealer B-Side Replacement! Don’t let an unplanned "oops!" ruin your project or set you behind schedule. At Silica Systems, Inc. we like to save your...
    From $47.00
  • Trinic H-12 Sealer Kit

    Trinic H12 sealer is a two-component hybrid water-based sealer. For use on concrete countertops, floors, furniture, fireplace surrounds, ect. What the kit includes: H-12 Sealer A-Side H-12 Sealer B-Side 60ml Syringe...
    From $112.00
  • Trinic Hydration Stabilizer - 5 & 25 Lbs.

    Advanced ready to use powdered initial set retarder. Makes more uniform and predictable high/ultra-high performance glass fiber reinforced concrete, engineered cementitious composite concrete, and wet cast concrete. Trinic Hydration Stabilizer...
    From $35.00
  • Trinic Integral Color - Beige

    From brilliant blues to ravishing reds, Trinic Versacolor Integral Concrete Colors allow you to add long-lasting pigment to your decorative concrete creations. This neutral beige is a popular choice for...
  • Trinic Integral Color - Black 451

    From Light to Jet Black Countertops For black concrete countertops, driveways, and architectural features look to Trinic Versacolor - an integral concrete pigment that is added to Trinic GFRC admix...
  • Trinic Integral Color - Bluestone

    Fabricate blue concrete countertops, slabs, and more with Trinic Versacolor Integral Concrete Pigment. For use with webcast cement or GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), blue Versacolor adds a bold splash...
  • Trinic Integral Color - Brick Red

    Brick Red Color for Concrete and GFRC A sought-after hue, this brick red color powder for coloring glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), cement, and other resin materials breathes life into your...
  • Trinic Integral Color - Brown (Greyish)

    Colors will vary depending on the percent of color, the kind of cement and the sealer used. Base Colors Brown: .5% - 2.5% - 7% Brown: .5% Brown: 2.5% Brown:...
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