Create Rubber Concrete Molds

Cast small or large concrete molds and forms with our line of concrete mold-making kits, release agents, plasticizers, poly fibers, dyes and casting foams, liquid rubber, clays, and concrete accelerators. As a moldable and infinite material, you can bring concrete to life in unique and exciting ways using our molding products. Go basic, or go extreme – Silica Systems is here to provide you with all of the tools and information you need to start making concrete molds of your own. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, let’s get to work!

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  • Soft Tooling Clay

    Soft Tooling Clay Smooths Mold Parting Lines Achieving a professional look starts with the right materials. So whether you’re a do-it-yourself homeowner or a professional contractor, you can depend on...
  • Poly 74-45 Liquid Rubber Kit

    Liquid Polyurethane Rubber | High Tear Formula These polyurethane liquid mold rubbers are soft to mid-range hardness, high-performance, room temperature curing systems. They offer superior flexibility and toughness allowing durable molds to be...
    From $143.00
  • Pol-Ease 2300 Release Agent

    Start Mold Making & Casting Concrete A commercial-grade, multi-purpose silicone release agent made of a blend of silicone oils and resins in an easy-to-use 12-oz. aerosol spray can. Cast polyurethane, epoxy,...
    From $13.00
  • Pol-Ease 2650 Release Agent

    Get a High-performance Water-Based Release Agent (Silicone-Free) Reduce fabrication time when casting concrete and plaster in polyurethane molds with this high-performance, silicone-free release agent that can be brushed or sprayed...
    From $12.00
  • PolyFiber II Thickener

    Polytek PolyFiber II Polyurethane Thickening Agent Polytek PolyFiber II Thickener is made for use with any of our liquid rubber kits for the purpose of thickening them for brush-on applications. They...
    From $10.50
  • PolyPurge Aerosol Dry Gas

    Extend the Life of Plastic Materials This dry gas blanket extends the shelf life of polyurethane, liquid rubbers, and plastics. This non-flammable, 100% active drying agent is also easy on the...
    From $18.00
  • Poly 74-24 Liquid Rubber Kit

    RTV Liquid Rubber These polyurethane liquid mold rubbers are soft to mid-range hardness, high-performance, room temperature curing systems. They offer superior flexibility and toughness allowing durable molds to be made from relatively...
    From $143.00
  • Poly 15 Series Part X Accelerator

    Downloads: SDS Description Benefits Looking for an even faster way to get your liquid plastic casting project finished? Poly-15 Series Part X Accelerator offers a low-cost way to save time....
    From $10.00
  • GFRC Concrete Mold Making - Starter Kit

    Make Your Own Rubber Concrete Molds, Hassle-Free Wondering how to make concrete molds? Use this starter kit (includes poly plasticine clay, release and casting agents, liquid rubber, and poly PVA...
  • Poly PVA Solution (Clear)

    This Polytek Transparent PVA Solution is a water-soluble, removable sealer and release agent. PVA (polyvinyl alchohol) solution can be purchased in both clear and green varieties. Poly PVA Solution can...
    From $11.95
  • Poly 75-65 Liquid Rubber Kit

    Industrial Liquid Polyurethane Mold Rubber These polyurethane liquid mold rubbers are mid-range (A60) to firm (A90) hardness, high-performance, room temperature curing systems. They offer superior strength, toughness and abrasion-resistance that...
    From $143.00
  • Poly 74/75 Series Part X Accelerator

    Accelerate Mold Pouring and Demolding Times Save hours with Poly 74/75 Part X Accelerator. It can be added to Poly 74-Series, Poly 75-Series, Poly 77-Series & PT Flex Series polyurethane rubbers...
    From $41.00
  • PolyColor Dyes

    High-Performance Liquid Polyurethane Dyes PolyColor Dyes are Oil-based dyes for adding brilliant hues and tints to Polytek's liquid polyurethane rubber and plastic products. This truly is the best dye for polyurethane pigmentation, and...
  • Poly 1511 Liquid Plastic

    Poly 1511 Polytek Liquid Plastic Filler is a two-part polyurethane system with a 1A:1B mix ratio. When cured, this rigid plastic has the feel of hard wood or thermoplastics and is...
  • EasyFlo 60 Polyurethane Liquid Plastic

    Silicone Mold Making Made Simple Polytek Easy Flo 60 Silica Liquid Plastic is a two-part, liquid polyurethane resin that is used for curing RTV (RTV stands for room temperature vulcanizing) to...
  • Polytek Bronze Powder

    Cold Cast Bronze Method Casting Powder Create cold cast bronze parts by adding Polytek Bronze Powder (325 Mesh) to EasyFlo Polytek Liquid Plastic. This realistic-looking bronze powder gives your material...
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