Finished Concrete Molds and Forms

Let us help you get your commercial or artistic project off to a good start with these finished decorative concrete molds and precast concrete forms for stone and GFRC casting. We offer a variety of professional concrete casting molds with a highly detailed rustic wood look that will make your furnishings appear just like the real thing, only more sturdy and long lasting. You can also find textured molds to craft your own tiles for feature walls, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes and more. Save time and money when mass producing concrete products with these durable polyurethane rubber molds that are made to last through any number of pours. With these convenient concrete molds and forms casting is made easy for both trade professionals and do-it-yourself beginners.

In addition to pre-formed molds, we can also craft custom molds for special projects at your request. Need a specific shape or size for a commercial planter, home countertop, or office focal point? Give us a call today!


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  • Large Wood Planter Mold - Burned Version

    Large Concrete Planter Molds w/ Wood Grain Making large GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) planters is now within reach to trade professionals and beginners alike. Use our GFRC admixes and supplies...
  • Bohemian Vase Mold

    An Artisan Concrete Creation From our collection of flea market finds reborn in concrete, this bohemian beauty stands 10" tall and measures 5" in diameter. The mold includes a tapered...
  • Combination 12 Cavity Roses Mold

    The Rose that Grew from Concrete A truly unique product that shows your passion for decorative concrete, Silica Systems brings you GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) roses. These molds for concrete...
  • Log Slice Stepping Stone

    Rubber Concrete Molds that Mimic Nature Silica Systems, Inc. brings you detailed rubber concrete molds that mimic nature better than ever. This GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) mold features lifelike...
  • Leather Texture 36"x6"x.5" Mold

    DIY Concrete Molds with Leather Grain Texture Like our infamous crocodile tile molds, you can buy these leather texture concrete tile molds in 3" and 6" widths. The texture is so incredible...
  • Crocodile Texture Mold 36"x6"x.5"

    Unbelievable Decorative Concrete Molds "Crocodile Skin" concrete tile molds in 3" and 6" widths. The texture of these casting molds is so amazing that no one will believe it’s actually...
  • Panel Side/End Table Mold

    Flexible GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Furniture Morph Concrete Furniture - This contemporary concrete end table measures 26"W x 22"L x 22"H. It is made by "morphing" a 1" thick GFRC...
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