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  • Trinic Plasticizer - 5, 25, & 300 Lbs.

    Downloads: SDS   Trinic GFRC Plasticizer Add Trinic GFRC Plasticizer to your Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) mix for quicker and easier blending and wetting. No more painful overnight...
    From $52.00
  • Trinic White Silica Fume

    Downloads: SDS Description Benefits Dosage Recommendations Trinic is pleased to offer white silica fume for the production of high performance decorative concrete. We have thoroughly evaluated the performance of...
    From $92.25
  • Trinic Stage II Powder Hardener/Accelerator - 9 & 45 Lbs.

    Downloads: Product Description SDS Description Benefits Dosage Recommendations Trinic Stage II hardener/accelerator is designed to start working during the second stage of strength development. Concrete goes through three distinctive hardening...
    From $48.00
  • Poly 74-45 Liquid Rubber Kit

    Liquid Polyurethane Rubber | High Tear Formula These polyurethane liquid mold rubbers are soft to mid-range hardness, high-performance, room temperature curing systems. They offer superior flexibility and toughness allowing durable molds to be...
    From $164.84
  • Pol-Ease 2650 Release Agent

    Get a High-performance Water-Based Release Agent (Silicone-Free) Reduce fabrication time when casting concrete and plaster in polyurethane molds with this high-performance, silicone-free release agent that can be brushed or sprayed...
    From $14.96
  • RECS 15x8 Fiber (PVA)

    Downloads: SDS   RECS 15x8 Fiber - 18 kg bag Our search for a quality structural fiber that would not show in the surface led us straight to the...
  • Federal White Cement, Bag (92.6 Lbs.)

    Downloads: SDS Federal White Type I Cement Federal Cement is a true portland cement manufactured with selected raw materials to insure negligible amounts of iron and manganese oxides so...
    From $25.00
  • Trinic UHPC

    UHPC, or Ultra High Performance Concrete, is a powdered admixture that is easy to mix, easily poured, and contains low shrinkage levels. Recommended to mix with 40-60 mesh sands and...
    From $45.00
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