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Conveniently order all of the concrete power tools and accessories you need for your next project, online, at Silica Systems, Inc. Our unique product collection includes concrete power mixers, mixing paddles, spray up systems, hopper guns and hopper gun kits, syringes, backer and polishing pads, and clay extruders.

These tools save you time and money, while helping you complete production of your own ultra high-quality GFRC creations. Don't see what you're looking for? Call to discuss your specific project requirements and the tools needed for the job: 760-232-4653

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  • Paradigm Spray-Up System

    Paradigm GFRC Pump at Introductory Pricing! Call 760-232-4653 for Availability and Lead Time. A Concrete Sprayer that Saves You Time and Money Our pride and joy, this GFRC (glass fiber...
  • Hopper Gun 30-300-E

    A Hopper Gun for GFRC, Basalt Premix & More Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or a "do it yourself" novice starting out this easy-to-use cement sprayer works like...
  • Texture Hopper Gun 30-100-H

    A Concrete Sprayer for DIY and Professional Use Designed with professional contractors and the amateur "do-it-yourself" individual in mind, this gravity hopper gun is made for applying decorative cement finishes to indoor...
  • Hopper Gun Kit

    An All-Purpose GFRC Hopper Gun Kit Combine the 30-100-H Hopper Gun with the 30-300-E Hopper Gun for spraying both face coat and glass fiber reinforced concrete back coat. The 30-300-E...
  • Syringe - 10 mL

    Get GFRC Tools for Measuring Small Amounts Perfect for measuring small quantities of countertop sealer A-side and B-side, this General Purpose Syringe 10 mL (also available in 60 mL) by Medi-Pak,...
  • Syringe - 60 mL

    The Monoject SoftPack Non-Sterile Syringe features a 60 cc/ml, Non-Sterile, bulk packaged syringe with Catheter tip. The Monoject Syringe is made of polypropylene, the barrel has bold graduated markings and...
  • Alpha Ceramica EX Diamond Polishing Pads 4"

    4" Diamond Polishing Pads for Concrete These 4 inch wet Diamond polishing pads allow you to polish marble, granite, engineered stone, porcelain ceramic, quartz, and concrete for different applications. These...
  • Alpha Ceramica EX Diamond Polishing Pads 5"

    5" Diamond Polishing Pads for Concrete These 5 inch Diamond Polishing Pads work on a wide variety of masonry and stone materials. From GFRC to marble and everything in between,...
  • Alpha Ceramica Metal Polishing Pads

    Best Combination with Aggressive Cutting Performance and Flexibility Designed for Polishing Harder Types of Natural Stone Discs Have The Hardness of A Metal Bond Diamond in A Flexible Resin Bond...
    From $81.81
  • Alpha Flexible Backer Pads

    Flexible Backer Pads for Polishing Stone, Concrete, and Quartz Alpha tools have long been a favorite for professionals working with both natural and engineered stone. Now you can include these...
    From $26.95
  • Alpha Rigid Backer Pads

    Made by Alpha Professional Tools, these rigid backer pads allow you to evenly and smoothly polish stone and concrete surfaces. They accept Ceramica, Sandpaper, and Felt Wheels. Hook and looped...
    From $26.95
  • Xo55 Dual Heavy Duty Double Paddle Professional Power Mixer

    Product features Xo 55 Duo Power Mixer: Quick, easy and thorough Fast and thorough Universal and economical Upright working position HEXAFIX® - Quick disconnect paddle coupler Electronic speed control With...
  • MK160HF Heavy Duty 3-Blade Paddle - Large Batch

    High-Quality Jobs Deserve High-Quality Equipment From bricklaying to renovation, a high-quality job starts with high-quality equipment. Get the job done right with this Heavy Duty Long Blade Paddle. Intended for...
  • MKD140HF Pair of Dual Mixing Paddles for Xo55 - Large Batch

    Tired of Drill Burnout? Powerfully designed for the best small-job cement mixer available, the Collomix concrete mixer has a 25 gallon capacity and features dual mixing paddles that counter rotate, helping...
  • Clay Extruder

    Mini Polymer Clay Extruder Gun Details: Color: Green. Material: Aluminium alloy. Size: Length: 6.5 inch / 16.5 cm, Width: 3.9 inch / 10 cm (at the widest part), Bottom Outer...
  • Xo6 Heavy Duty Two-Gear Professional Power Mixer

    Optimum performance and perfect ergonomics. That's what the new Xo hand-held mixers are. Easy to operate with a straight back and ergonomically shaped grip handles. State-of-the-art motor and gear unit components for...
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