Trinic Integral Color - Cinder Black

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What Color Is Cinder?

Cinder colors is a shade of black, a popular variation of basic black concrete coloring, that adds a bit of finesse to any space. Even the name brings a certain air of elegance. 

For black concrete countertops, driveways, and architectural features look to Trinic Versacolor - an integral concrete pigment that is added to Trinic GFRC admix before pouring. See the varied loadings pictured below to see the different shades of black that can be created, depending on the percentage used. Versacolor works with GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) and wetcast concrete and is available in an array of hues.

Update outdated decor or use with new structures for an ultra-modern design element. Contact Us for concrete color samples or to request an integral color chart. Hands-on training classes also available - Reserve Your Spot today!

Colors will vary depending on the percent of color, the kind of cement and the sealer used.
  • Cinder Black: .5% - 2.5% - 7%

  • Cinder Black: .5%

  • Cinder Black: 2.5%

  • Cinder Black: 5%

  • Cinder Black (left): 5%

    Micro Black (right): 1%

  • Cinder Black (left): 5%

    Micro Blue (right): 1%

  • NCS Website Color Selection Tool:
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  • Online Color Selection/Cross-Reference Tool
  • The link above will assist you in finding a specific color online. First, make a color selection on the color picker on the right, as you make a color selection the box on the left will change HEX number to the corresponding color that has been chosen. Hit GO. All values will change to the color that was chosen. On the right under On This Page click on Natural Color System (NCS). This will scroll the page down and display the color values in NCS, which offers several color options.

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