Bagged GFRC Mix

Specially chosen for their unique characteristics, bagged GFRC mix and materials from Silica Systems, Inc. produce consistent results and cut down on manufacturing time. These not-so-secret, cost-saving mixes are ideal for those who want to increase quality while saving time and money. Shop bagged glass fiber reinforced concrete mixtures with or without sand. We tell you exactly what is – and more importantly, what is NOT – in each mix. Now you don't have to invent your own concrete recipe, we do the work for you. All of these lightweight mixtures allow you to fabricate decorative concrete, featuring unique balances of Lehigh white Portland cement, white silica fume, and Trinic GFRC vertical. You can also get our bagged GFRC mixes with or without Q-Rok or CityMix. Buy GFRC mixtures online based on specific project needs. Available in 50 lb. bags or a pallet quantity of 56 bags.

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  • Silica Systems Inc. GFRC-ULTRA, Cement & Sand (50/50)

    Our Not-So-Secret Concrete Recipe When it comes to finding the best concrete countertop materials, this concrete countertop mix fits the bill for everything from furniture to flooring. This versatile mix...
    From $34.00
  • Silica Systems Inc. GFRC-ULTRA, Cement No Sand

    Tired of paying a premium price for traditional bagged concrete mixes that are packed full of unnecessary fillers? Don’t get fooled again with Silica Systems, Inc.'s GFRC-ULTRA bagged mix. Never...
    From $46.00
  • Silica Systems, Inc. GFRC-ULTRA, Light Weight (50/25/25)

    Silica Systems, Inc. - Where to Buy GFRC Concrete Mix Whether you’re a concrete artist crafting intricate sculptures for public display or a manufacturing professional creating industrial castings, you’ll appreciate...
    From $34.00
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