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  • Alpha Ceramica EX Diamond Polishing Pads 4"

    4" Diamond Polishing Pads for Concrete These 4 inch wet Diamond polishing pads allow you to polish marble, granite, engineered stone, porcelain ceramic, quartz, and concrete for different applications. These...
  • Alpha Ceramica EX Diamond Polishing Pads 5"

    5" Diamond Polishing Pads for Concrete These 5 inch Diamond Polishing Pads work on a wide variety of masonry and stone materials. From GFRC to marble and everything in between,...
  • Alpha Ceramica Metal Polishing Pads

    Best Combination with Aggressive Cutting Performance and Flexibility Designed for Polishing Harder Types of Natural Stone Discs Have The Hardness of A Metal Bond Diamond in A Flexible Resin Bond...
    From $81.81
  • Alpha Flexible Backer Pads

    Flexible Backer Pads for Polishing Stone, Concrete, and Quartz Alpha tools have long been a favorite for professionals working with both natural and engineered stone. Now you can include these...
    From $26.95
  • Alpha Rigid Backer Pads

    Made by Alpha Professional Tools, these rigid backer pads allow you to evenly and smoothly polish stone and concrete surfaces. They accept Ceramica, Sandpaper, and Felt Wheels. Hook and looped...
    From $26.95
  • AR Glass Fiber Scrim

    NEGA AR (Alkali Resistant) Glass Fiber Scrim Scrim is 36" wide and available in 1 ft. increments. All NEG alkali resistant glass fiber products are manufactured in compliance with ASTM...
  • Bakhopper Gun

    Our BakHopper is an affordable option to our GFRC Spray Machines for the small shop and DIY Decorative Concrete Manufacturers and Artisans. Typically, you would be using hand-coating processes that...
  • Bohemian Vase Mold

    An Artisan Concrete Creation From our collection of flea market finds reborn in concrete, this bohemian beauty stands 10" tall and measures 5" in diameter. The mold includes a tapered...
  • Car-VZ Vertical Carving Additive

    CAR-VZ is a pre-blended powdered admixture that increases the performance of vertical carving applications. BENEFITS OF USE Excellent adhesion for vertical and overhead applications Optimum carving properties Includes a specialty...
    From $71.00
  • City Mix Ultra-Lightweight Additive, Bulk Bag (50 Cu.Ft. / 150 Lbs.)

    Making Lightweight Concrete CityMix is an extraordinarily lightweight, durable and user-friendly material suitable for blending in a wide variety of concrete, stucco and masonry products. The technology allows varying portions...
    From $275.00
  • Clay Extruder

    Mini Polymer Clay Extruder Gun Details: Color: Green. Material: Aluminium alloy. Size: Length: 6.5 inch / 16.5 cm, Width: 3.9 inch / 10 cm (at the widest part), Bottom Outer...
  • Combination 12 Cavity Roses Mold

    The Rose that Grew from Concrete A truly unique product that shows your passion for decorative concrete, Silica Systems brings you GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) roses. These molds for concrete...
  • Crocodile Texture Mold 36"x6"x.5"

    Unbelievable Decorative Concrete Molds "Crocodile Skin" concrete tile molds in 3" and 6" widths. The texture of these casting molds is so amazing that no one will believe it’s actually...
  • CSA Cement, Bag (50 lbs )

    About CSA Cement CSA Cement, also named Calcium Sulpho Aluminate Cement is a hydraulic binder based on calcium sulpho aluminate, rather than calcium silicates which are the basis of Portland...
    From $28.00
  • DS3011 Handheld Planetary Polisher

    The DS3011 sets the industry standard for polishing concrete and stone. This planetary polisher/grinder is 5 times faster than single-head machines. It uses three 5” diamond polishing, or grinding discs...
  • EasyFlo 60 Polyurethane Liquid Plastic

    Silicone Mold Making Made Simple Polytek Easy Flo 60 Silica Liquid Plastic is a two-part, liquid polyurethane resin that is used for curing RTV (RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanizing) to...
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