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  • 3M N95 Molded Cup Particulate Respirator

    N95 Respirator  Specifications: Brand:  3M Product Type:  Disposable Respirator 3M Number:  8511 Mask Construction:  Molded Cup Filter Rating:  N95 Size:  Standard Strap Type:  Braided Color:  White Standards Met:  NIOSH TC-84A-1299...
  • 3M Painter's Tape

    3M Blue Painter's Tape | 1" & 2" Includes 1 roll Applies quickly and easily  Great for DIY or professional use 14-day clean removal with no sticky residue
    From $4.75
  • 3M Platinum Plus Filler

    3M Body Filler - 1 Gallon  Notice: This is a special order product. Please allow additional time for product to be shipped. Thank you.  Adhesion promoted for excellent adhesion to...
  • 3M Stikit Sanding Roll

    3M Sanding Roll - 80, 100, 150, 300 & 400 Grit 3M Stikit coated 216U sanding roll uses aluminum oxide as the abrasive material. 3M incorporates this aluminum oxide material...
    From $75.00
  • Allway - 1 Gallon Helix Paint Mixer

    Allway - 1 Gallon Mixer Fastest Mixer Of Its Kind. EZ Clean paint mixer fits all electric drills, polypropylene blade with H/D 1/4” hex shaft.
  • Alpha Ceramica EX Diamond Polishing Pads 4"

    4" Diamond Polishing Pads for Concrete These 4 inch wet Diamond polishing pads allow you to polish marble, granite, engineered stone, porcelain ceramic, quartz, and concrete for different applications. These...
  • Alpha Ceramica EX Diamond Polishing Pads 5"

    5" Diamond Polishing Pads for Concrete These 5 inch Diamond Polishing Pads work on a wide variety of masonry and stone materials. From GFRC to marble and everything in between,...
  • Alpha Ceramica Metal Polishing Pads

    Best Combination with Aggressive Cutting Performance and Flexibility Designed for Polishing Harder Types of Natural Stone Discs Have The Hardness of A Metal Bond Diamond in A Flexible Resin Bond...
    From $81.81
  • Alpha Diamond Hand Pads

    Alpha Diamond Hand Pads - 60, 150, 300 Grit Convenient, On-Site Polishing, On Materials Use On Glass, Porcelain, Ceramics, Marble, Granite, Concrete, Terrazzo and Quartz Surfaces Available in 60,150, and...
  • Alpha Flexible Backer Pads

    Flexible Backer Pads for Polishing Stone, Concrete, and Quartz Alpha tools have long been a favorite for professionals working with both natural and engineered stone. Now you can include these...
    From $29.65
  • Alpha Rigid Backer Pads

    Made by Alpha Professional Tools, these rigid backer pads allow you to evenly and smoothly polish stone and concrete surfaces. They accept Ceramica, Sandpaper, and Felt Wheels. Hook and looped...
    From $29.65
  • Ansell Nitrile Gloves 92-600

    Ansell TouchNTuff 92-600 Disposable 5 mil. Nitrile Gloves Disposable gloves are sometimes uncomfortable, but TouchNTuff 92-600 gloves are renowned for their superior comfort and durability. These best-selling teal green nitrile...
  • AR Glass Fiber Scrim

    NEGA AR (Alkali Resistant) Glass Fiber Scrim Scrim is 36" wide and available in 1 lineal ft. increments. Also sold as "Full Roll" - 358 ft. All NEG alkali resistant...
    From $1.26
  • Bakhopper Gun

    Our BakHopper is an affordable option to our GFRC Spray Machines for the small shop and DIY Decorative Concrete Manufacturers and Artisans. Typically, you would be using hand-coating processes that...
  • Car-VZ Vertical Carving Additive

    NOTICE: The distributor has discontinued previously used sizing variants of this product. As of October 2020 the size available is 36 pound bags. CAR-VZ is a pre-blended powdered admixture that increases...
  • Chip Paint Brushes

    Chip Paint Brushes  SIZES - 1", 1.5", 2.5", 3", 4" These disposable brushes have long all-natural china bristles and an all-square trim shape. The solid wood handles make these painting...
    From $0.65
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