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Enhance concrete performance and expedite production with our premium line of concrete admixtures. The latest in admix technology, Trinic TEC 10 makes mixing GFRC faster and easier than ever before. This admixture nearly eliminates curling, shrinkage cracks, and crazing due to variances in dry sands and Portland cement – this creates a more predictable outcome, producing ultra-high performance glass fiber reinforced concrete, as well as engineered, cementitious, composite concrete, and wet cast concrete. In addition to TEC 10, you'll find the best concrete retarders, accelerators/hardeners, concrete plasticizer admixture products, and stabilizers for your next job.

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  • Trinic Tec 10 - 5, 25, & 300 Lbs.

    This Trinic GFRC recipe is an improvement on our best-selling Trinic GFRC Admixture, providing a curing polymer that nearly eliminates the negatives that come with liquid polymers. Trinic LLC TEC 10...
    From $52.00
  • Trinic Hydration Stabilizer - 5 & 25 Lbs.

    Advanced ready to use powdered initial set retarder. Makes more uniform and predictable high/ultra-high performance glass fiber reinforced concrete, engineered cementitious composite concrete, and wet cast concrete. Trinic Hydration Stabilizer...
    From $35.00
  • Trinic Plasticizer - 5, 25, & 300 Lbs.

    Add Trinic GFRC Plasticizer to your Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) mix for quicker and easier blending and wetting. No more pain overnight shipping costs in the winter. Enhance concrete...
    From $52.00
  • Trinic Stage II Powder Hardener/Accelerator - 9 & 45 Lbs.

    Downloads: Product Description SDS Description Benefits Dosage Recommendations Trinic Stage II hardener/accelerator is designed to start working during the second stage of strength development. Concrete goes through three distinctive hardening...
    From $48.00
  • Trinic GFRC Admix - 5, 25 & 300 Lbs.

    Multi component powdered admixture for the production of ultra high performance GFRC, RPC, and ECC Concrete Trinic GFRC Admix takes the hassle out of making ultra high performance Glass Fiber...
    From $52.00
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