Here at Silica Systems Inc., we take pride in supplying everyone from large scale operators to the weekend DIYer. We are constantly amazed by the work that our customers are producing. In order to showcase their work, we have decided to start a Featured Customer section of our blog. If you would like to be our next Featured Customer, please contact our digital media team at for the next steps.


Who Is Freedom Concrete?

Freedom Concrete LLC. consists of two dudes with unmatched work ethic and a ton of grit. The team is made up of Matt Teer and David Penne II, who together design and create works of functional art ranging from one-of-a-kind vanities, firepits and BBQ tops to full-out kitchen remodels. Their journey started in Matt's garage while having a few beers and fabricating a table for Mrs. Teer. They tried and failed, but this is where the grit comes into play. Shortly after a little google kung fu, they came across Silica Systems Inc. They saw Silica Systems Inc. was hosting a training class and immediately signed up. After that class, they spent a ton of money on tools and materials to get started. They reached the point of no return; concrete had become life. After three years working in two home garages, they took the full-time plunge and rented a small 1200sf shop in central Phoenix, AZ. Matt and David are now in the process of moving into a 2500sf shop and expanding their scope for more wildly intricate designs! 



Q: How long have you been using Silica Systems Inc. products?
A: “Freedom Concrete has used nothing but Silica Systems Inc. products since 2018.”

Q: Why do you choose Silica Systems Inc.?
A: “After meeting the team at Silica, we can call and count on them for everything concrete. Whether it's questions for issues we run into or running by a crazy design idea.”
Q: What Silica Systems Inc. products do you use? 
A: “All the products from Trinic tec 10 to, glass fiber/rebar, to pigments and premix bags.”
Q: What is your favorite Silica Systems Inc. product?
A: “Freedom's favorite product to use from Silica System is all if it, nothing disappoints.”
"A few weeks ago, we had a fast turn on a project we needed to get installed. Of course, we had just run out of pigment and needed it ASAP. I jumped on Silica’s website and the brown pigment we needed wasn't listed. (a little bit of a panic) I gave Silica a call and we had the pigment the next day! I can't thank Shannon and Rory enough!" – David Penne II