May 24, 2017

Memorial Day

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

January 18, 2017

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WOC Booth N863 from another angle.

Stunning from any direction!

January 18, 2017

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World of Concrete Show - Las Vegas - January 17-20, 2017

Our team, along with reps from Trinic and Polytek are at the WOC in Las Vegas this week.  Come look for them at the Las Vegas Convention Center's North Hall Booth #863 for live demos!

Yes, that is an eleven foot tall concrete booth and eight foot long concrete desk! Stunning!

January 18, 2017

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The Fire Table Process Measuring the Face Coat.

We cannot stress enough the importance of measuring to get your mix right.

Once we have our ingredients pre-measured and ready for the face coat mix.  We start with the SSI Bagged Mix (Face Coat or Light Weight Backup for this project), and then add the following; Trinic Integral Color, Trinic Hydration Stabilzer, Trinic Plasticizer and Trinic Stage II Accelerator. (These products are available on our website:

Ice is used to cool the face coat and back up for more working time and a better flowing mix.  We try to keep our mix under 70 degrees, and generally fall between 50 – 70 degrees.

The balance of measured water gets added to the ice.

We have weighed out the correct amount of SSI’s Face Coat Pre-bagged Mix.  Face coat is 55% Lehigh White Cement, 45% Q-Rok #1, 10% Replacement Silica Fume, 3% Trinic GFRC Vertical.  This mix can be plasticized to your desired flow since it has no plasticizer in it.

In future blogs we will move the process along to layers.

January 12, 2017

Creating a Fire Table. The Process!

We start the process of creating a fire table by first building a mold.   We use a black smooth Formica for our reusable base, and ¾” Finland Form 14-Ply for our rails. Then we double sided tape the boards in place, and radius the edges using Polytek’s Poly Plasticine Clay using desired radius tool.  For this project we used a 1/16” radius tool.  (The clay is available on our webside:


Once the box completely assembled and clayed, the entire surface is waxed to aid in release of the concrete.  The Johnsons Paste wax also forms a hard shell covering the wax which aids in not embedding sand when spraying GFRC.  In our next posting we will move on to the mix.


September 28, 2016

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Can't make the tradeshow? No problem view live demos on Facebook!

Join us today on Facebook for live streaming demos from the Concrete Decor Tradeshow! Experts from Trinic and Silica Systems will be giving live demonstrations of products and processes. Not to be missed!

September 27, 2016

Setting up for demos!

We are getting set up to start demos. Stop by our booth (#228) at the Concrete Decor Show and learn from the experts!

September 27, 2016

Day ONE! Concrete Decor Show

We're all set up at the Concrete Decor Show in San Diego! Come see us in booth 228.  Stop by to visit with SSI and Trinic reps. For the next few days we will doing live demos.


September 04, 2016

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Live Demos at the Concrete Decor Show

Come visit the Silica Systems, Inc booth at the Concrete Decor Show Sept 27-29 to see live demos; Compression Breaks, Fast set Concrete, Light Weight Concrete, H-12 Sealer Application and VersaColor Wood Look Staining. Experts from Trinic, CityMix, Polytek and Silica Systems Inc will be there to answer your questions and share tips and tricks of the trade!
September 01, 2016

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Come see us at the Concrete Decor Show!

We will be sharing a booth at Concrete Decor Show with our east coast partners - Trinic, Stop by for free demos and information! Meet the team.  The show is at Town and Country Resort in San Diego September 25-29 - we look forward to meeting you.